Sunday, March 6, 2016

Review: Wait Until Twilight

Wait Until Twilight
by Sag Pak



A debut coming-of-age novel about a motherless teenage boy who discovers a terrifying secret in his small Georgia town, and finds that sometimes the most gruesome monsters are those inside ourselves.

What I need to do, needs to be done before it gets too dark . . .

Sixteen-year-old Samuel confronts his own inner monster when he discovers a set of deformed triplets whose mother believes they were immaculately conceived. Soon, the babies have taken hold of his waking and sleeping thoughts, and, unable to escape them, he decides to save them, but their shut-in mother and violent older brother want nothing to do with him.

Samuel must fight the trouble within him and the trouble he sees around him to determine who he will become in a year that forces him to grow from motherless boy to self-defined man. Set in a small Georgia town, this psychologically complex story of survival and self determination explores the dark, often contradictory worlds of young contemporary life, laying bare the ugly truths and secrets that haunt all of us.

My Review

Samuel is a 16 year old who lost his mother a year ago.  He is still death, she died of a brain tumor.  
David, Samuel's friend wants to make a video for a school project, the only problem is he wants to make it about these 3 gruesome looking triplets.  When they go out to the house, Samuel sees these babies and they make him sick.  So now all Samuel can think of are these babies.  He becomes obsessed about them.  He discovers that someone is trying to kill those babies and he is determined to stop them.

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