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Baggage ARC Review

Baggage by S.G.Redling


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A year later and a thousand miles away, Anna tries to find solace in the fresh start of a new job in a new place. She takes comfort in her outspoken cousin Jeannie, the confidant and best friend who’s there whenever she needs help. On the eve of the dreaded anniversary, Anna and Jeannie hit the town, planning to ease the pain with an alcohol-induced stupor and then sleep…
But when Anna awakes on the darkest day of her year, she has no idea that fate is about to intervene in the form of a pair of gruesome murders with eerie similarities to her violent past. This time, however, she won’t be an abandoned daughter or a grieving widow. This time, she’ll be a suspect.
My Review
I received this book as an ARC for an honest review from the Publisher Thomas & Mercer.
Expected publication: February 9th 2016
I really did like this book.  The only reason I gave it a 3 star rating is because of the ending.  There really was no closure.
When Anna was a child her mother killed her father on February 17th.  She did it because she was protecting Anna from him.  Anna has never been able to speak of this terrible thing that happened to her.  She moved in with her Aunt and Uncle and her cousin Jennie.  Jennie took to her little cousin and over the years became Anna's support system.
When Anna was an adult she got married.  She married a man that had some mental issues.  On February 17th he killed himself.  He did it in a place that Anna kept her most private secretes hidden away.
Now it has been a year since Anna has lost her husband.  She has moved a thousand miles away to start a new life.  She still hates when February 17th comes, but this year she does not have to face it alone.  Jennie her cousin comes to town to be with her.  They go out for an evening of food and drinks, they both end up drunk and don't remember what happened.  Now Anna is faced again on February 17th with a pair of gruesome murders with eerie similarities to her violent past.  This time is a different, now Anna finds herself as a suspect to the murders.
My favorite person in the book is Jennie, she is very out spoken where Anna is more quiet and shy.  Not that is a bad thing.  Anna just don't want everyone knowing about her past.  She just to keep it hidden away.
The book does end with a cliff hanger so I do so much hope for a second book to come.

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